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    You can see from my posts below that I have an interest in Scotland, Italy, names and meanings. I started to have a look at the meanings of places names but before I really got into this I found a very odd baby name phenomenon. We all believe that the latest trendy names are unique to this day and age.

    However, have you considered not only what was once trendy but names that have changed  from male to female over the years. the best examples of this are in biblical girl names or biblical boy names.

    Aaron was the surprising one for me whose name changed from being a girl name to a boy name. However, there have also been a number of saints names, which are normally taken from Hebrew biblical names whom, again have started off as being boy but became female. Hyacinth (as in the flower) is a good example of this. 


    Do you have a biblical name? Is it trendy and was it a different gender before?

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